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In Progress Shot

Here is a still from my next personal project in the works, animating the car speeding down a race track.

Hospital Exterior

Architectural Illustration of a hospital using 3ds max and Vray. Click the Environments page for more
Process shot: blocking out the scene and testing some materials.

Concept Car

This was a personal project with the purpose of designing a car from scratch and creating a CG visualization of it. I call it the Leviathon GT. The software I used for this was Autodesk Maya 2015 and Mental Ray. The design is based off of modern super cars like the Audi R8 Spyder, McLaren P1, and Onyx Peugeot. While I used elements from other cars for inspiration, the joy I got out of it was coming up with an original design. Scroll down to see the breakdown from the finished product to the beginning sketches.
Car in an environment using image based lighting setup courtesy of digital tutors.
Back view in basic studio lighting setup.
Model with materials applied and placed in a basic studio lighting setup.
Finished Model. I downloaded the wheels to save time here, but ended up making my own version later and swapped these out.
Model wireframe, kept with a fairly low polycount so the car could be easily used for animation later.
Perspective view showing the model being build around the drawings.
The orthographic sketches I made of the top, front, and side of the car were scanned and brought into Maya.
Made this badge to put on the back of the car for the "Leviathon GT" emblem.
Car Turnaround


This Generator was a pre-existing model from my workplace at Ingersoll Rand. I ended up re-texturing, lighting and rendering this with V-ray. Getting the materials to look correct was most of the work but it ended up looking pretty nice. Click the Product Stills page for more

Site Map

This project was for a client who wanted a cutout of their area of buildings to use as a main menu graphic.

Scary Skeleton

This skeleton was a project for a seasonal product design company. The purpose was for it to eventually made into a mold and sold at retail stores as a Halloween decoration. The software I used here was Maya 2015 and Mental Ray. It's supposed to be for kids but I still wanted it to be scary looking.
Gave it some color for kicks and giggles.
Model Wireframe.

Insurance Co. Exterior

The client provided some rough paintings as reference so I could produce this CG illustration of their future insurance building.