Leviathan GT

For this personal project I designed a car from scratch and created a CG visualization of it. I call it the Leviathon GT. The software used here was Autodesk Maya 2015 with Mental Ray. 
 The design is based off of modern super cars like the Audi R8 Spyder, McLaren P1, and Onyx Peugeot. While I used elements from other cars for inspiration, the joy I got out of this was coming up with an original design. Scroll down for process shots. 

Here are the pencil sketches of the design, scanned and brought into Maya.

Model wireframe, kept with a fairly low polycount.

Model with materials applied and placed in a basic studio lighting setup. 

Car in an environment using image based lighting setup courtesy of digital tutors.

A still from my next personal project in the works, animating the car speeding down a race track.